Therapeutic Consultations

Transform your Demons to Angels

Alchemical Therapy

Alchemical therapy deals with the healing and the making holy of the soul, with help of powerful methods from the world’s oldest wisdom traditions. We work with deep alchemical analysis, energy healing and active imagination (a guided meditation technique for deep transformation and healing), so that the soul’s lost fragments can be reintegrated. In your soul are the necessary raw materials to create a life with meaning, love, and abundance which are a result of the harmony of body, soul, and spirit – the alchemical marriage. Alchemical therapy is a voyage of discovery to your authentic Self, with which you can create a life beyond limitations, in accordance with your soul’s deepest wishes, so that your full potential can be manifested in a golden life.

Kabbalistic Therapy

Kabbalistic therapy is similar to Alchemical therapy, with the difference that the tools are taken from the Kabbalistic wisdom tradition. This therapy offers great possibilities for individuals who wish to further develop and work at the levels of the soul and spirit, and integrate them in the body and in everyday life, regardless of personal beliefs. One or more consultations can free up blockages, make clear one’s intentions, direct one’s will, and balance the different layers of the psyche and the soul.

Alchemical Coaching

During an alchemical coaching session, we use alchemical tools to achieve a positive life transformation. You are guided in the work towards enhanced self-consciousness, so that you can recover your vision of life, and release your passion for life. With alchemy’s golden compass you are led to navigate insightfully through all of life’s processes, and can, in consequence, release your create energy so that you can expand to that greatness – to that gold – that you in fact are.

Conversational Therapy in Psychosynthesis

In the psychosynthetic model, therapy means to work with a positive view of the human, and strives after a higher consciousness of the human psyche and its relationship with body, soul and spirit, in the past, present, and future. Traditional conversational therapy, meditations, and work with dreams aim to develop the true self, and strengthen its strongest tool—the will.

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