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Splendor Solis #3The Alchemical Academy was started in 2006 by Katarina Falkenberg and Tommy Westlund. Its goal is to spread knowledge on the alchemical wisdom tradition. The alchemist’s Magnum Opus (Great Work) is a process wherein one seeks to liberate the confined spirit from dark matter, in order that the spirit may be reunited with matter which, after much hard work, has been refined.

Western alchemy, with its roots in Egypt, and Eastern alchemy, with its roots in Taoism, constitute the foundation of the world’s mystery traditions. Alchemy is a mysticism of unity that strives for an experiential-based knowledge of the relationship between God, Man and Nature, which in the Microcosmos is the equivalent of the spirit, the soul and the body. The alchemical tradition places great weight on an inner unification of opposites, which is called The Alchemical Marriage, and the union between male and female also [is found in the androgynous picture of God].

The alchemists’ symbolic language speaks to the deepest parts of our subconscious and superconscious, and points out how the uniting of opposites – masculine and feminine, intellect and feeling, spirit and matter – can be accomplished both within and without. Such work can, to the highest degree, give rise to the transformation of the soul towards wholeness, which involves experiences of a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual character.

The Alchemical Academy offers a transrational training with focus on integration, where we move beyond the dogmatic and egotistical, beyond dualism’s idea that we live in separation.  We see the Universe’s opposites, such as light and dark, spirit and matter, as complimentary principles whose integration is a prerequisite for a more whole and freer world.

Hildegard af Bingen

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