Workshop in Spiritual Alchemy

A Golden Compass for the Journey of Life

The workshop teaches the theoretical and practical foundations of spiritual or inner alchemy, according to the Royal Path. It is thus not a workshop in laboratory alchemy, albeit wisdom from that path will be utilized to shed light upon the soul’s transformation. It is intended for people who individually or professionally work towards a greater self knowledge, and who wishes to utilize the tools of an ancient wisdom tradition to comprehend the phases of life, reveal mankind’s divine potential, and utilize the creative forces of existence. Previous alchemical knowledge is not necessary; the only prerequisite is a sincere desire to expound the mysteries of consciousness and creation.

The workshop’s objective

  • Essential knowledge about the progression of the alchemical work through the four phases.
  • Knowledge about and activation of the secret alchemical fire.
  • Knowledge of how to utilize the three alchemical principles.
  • The ability to create and work in the inner alchemical room through active imagination.
  • Insights into the most important concepts and principles of alchemy, and thereby being able to decipher alchemical treatises.


  • The history of alchemy

A brief overview of the history of western alchemy, from its Egyptian roots until the modern day.

  • The ‘inner’ versus the ‘outer’.

The strata of consciousness; the laboratorial work, psychological aspects and spiritual realities.

  • The alchemical phases in theory and practice

Working with the four phases of alchemy, which describe the general progression and individuation journey of life – from the deepest darkness of existence till its absolute completion in the philosopher’s stone.

  • Important alchemical concepts in theory and practice

Explanation of the most important alchemical concepts, such as Mercury, Sulphur, Salt, the four fires and the Secret Fire, and how to utilize them.

  • The seven major alchemical operations

Although the names and orders may differ, many alchemical treatises utilize seven major operations. These are more specialized than the phases, and relate both to inner and outer processes. Knowledge of these will assist the alchemist with new specific insights in the process towards a solar consciousness.

  • Meditation and active imagination

How to create and work with one’s inner alchemical laboratory.

Place:           Casa de Luz, (1701 Toomey Rd) Austin, Texas 78704

Dates:           February 11-13 2011

Friday (11)  7-9.30 pm    Lecture: The Alchemical Journey of Life

Saturday (12)  12-8 pm Workshop day 1

Sunday (13)  12-8 pm Workshop day 2


Lecture           $20 (free for participants in the workshop)

Workshop      $300


Study material in English is provided for the workshop

How to register:

Registration Austin workshop

About the teacher:

Tommy Westlund is a trained therapist in psychosynthesis, and since the early 1990’s has pursued studies and research in esotericism and the Western Hermetic tradition (in which alchemy is a cornerstone). With an academic background in psychology, the history of religion, and the history of ideas, Tommy writes and lectures internationally on esotericism, alchemy, Gnosticism, Freemasonry, and Western Mystery traditions. He co-founded the Alchemical Academy in Sweden in 2006, which has as goal to expound and spread knowledge about the alchemical arts. Tommy has studied and worked with several European hermetic and alchemical teachers and is a prominent member of many Esoteric Orders and societies. He is Deputy Master in one of the oldest St. John lodges in the Masonic Swedish Rite and lives with his beloved daughter in Stockholm, Sweden.

Wisdom quotes
“Invert nature and you will find that what you seek...”
- Maria the Jewess