Courses in Alchemy

The Alchemical Academy offers several different courses in Alchemy. Being the oldest Wisdom tradition, alchemy offers a life path to comprehend creation and man, release potential, find and create meaning, transform ”demons” into ”angels”, and the art of gilding existence.

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Wisdom quotes
“Mary briefly soundeth forth
Strange things like Thunder round the Earth.
She with two Gumms makes the Bottome stay
What else would fly away.
Three things if you three hours attend
Are chained together in the End.
Mary the Light of dew, and Art has got
In three hours to tye the Knot.
Pluto's daughter, it is she
Who bindeth Loves confederacy
Joyned with three seeds she does aspire
To be exalted in the Fire.”
source: The practise of Mary the Prophetess in the Alchymicall Art.